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Store Stocking 1st and 3rd Thursday of the Month, each month. Thanks for looking.

We Just added Custom Fitteds

Please feel free to purchase things here at DS. If you don't want to sign up with HC or want something I haven't listed yet then just post here. You can also view my shop from my Facebook page:
like our FB page for an automatic entry in our 100 fan giveaway.

Items listed here include all shipping DC and PP fees but quantity discounts may apply at my discretion so feel free to post a wish list. Also contact me for any custom projects, thanks!

Shipping only within the US first class mail (or Priority if it works out better, at my discretion). If you want to pay actual shipping to Canada etc or want Priority mention it for a quote. thanks!

SOLD Infant/Crib, Toddler, lap blanket approximately 30x40" Double Layer Minky $43ppd

Security Blankets range from 18x18 square to 22" square or rectangular.

Pirate Monkeys Minky & Satin Infant Blanket 28x30" $30ppd

Pirate Monkeys Minky Medium Security Blanket (20x23") $26ppd

Tiger Minky Large Security Blanket (22x30") $30ppd

Cupcakes, Fleece Raggedy Blanket Infant size approx. 30 x 40 not including fringe $16ppd

Soccer Baby Blue Infant Luvie Size Approximately 20 x 24 inches (not including fringe) $12ppd

Fleece Fringe Blanket ~ Baby Blue Soccer
Infant Size Approximately 20 x 24

Super Girl Fleece Blanket 28x29 single layer fleece $19ppd

Pink Stars Single Layer Fleece with Flannel Panel Infant Blanket 30x40" $20ppd

Contour burpies:

Cotton Or Flannel Topped Sets:
two Dinos $12ppd

two green one applique shamrock $11.50ppd

Waterproof Minky Changing pads with hidden padding $26ppd:
Pink Cows

Pink Dimple Dots

Upcycled Leopard Velour Yoga Pants 2T Polyester so no wicking, $17ppd

(Back view)

One Size Headband $20ppd

8x8 and 4x8 wipes set Upcycled Fleece and Black Jersey Knit $6.50ppd

Go green Starter Kit one Unpaper towel, One 8x8 and two 4x8 wipes Upcycled Guiness Jersey Knit $6ppd

and see what else I make by visiting us on FB

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