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Re: VBAC questions - several

from my personal experience, I had an unneceserean with my first for suspected "big baby" (urgh for being an uninformed first time parent) and just had my wonderful HBAC 4 months ago. My first was 8lbs 12ounces and about 10-12 days early and my second was only 8lbs even and was 13 days "late"...every baby is differnt and I believe under most circumstances (barring gestational diabetes or something like that) your baby will not get to big for you to deliver and in regards to rupture, the possible increase is so so small.

in regards to fetal monitoring, if you do some looking into studies done on the subject, it is proven that it does not save the life of ANY babies and actually leads to countless unnecessary c-sections. And the reason the require IVs is because they have the pointless policy against eating or drinking when research has proven that eating and drinking during labor reduces the overall labor time.

Good Luck and remember your body is not broken, God made the woman's body to have babies vaginally!
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