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Re: Please share your HBAC story

Here's my story

the actual birthstory is on the 4th page.

Also, your body is not broken! I thought the same thing for a long time!

Also, in regards to your low or no fluid level...did they try to get you to drink lots of water, because this reason has become very popular for inducing and c-sections recently. But your fluid levels fluctuate and having done just a little research on the subject, it seems to be a common but sadly not always a valid reason that doctors give that scares their patients into unnecessary inductions and c-sections. I guess what I'm trying to say is once again you are not broken. You are more than capable of having the birth you've always wanted! Sadly, as I know from my own experience, sometimes doctors and their attempts to "help" prevent that beautiful birth from happening. But it doesn't mean you can't have that beautiful birth with the next child!

I just thought I'd come back and post these studies/articles on Low Fluid Levels...hope this gives you courage that more than likely even with your first birth your body wasn't broken or incapable of delivering your baby.

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