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Nigerian Dwarf Goat beginner FAIL! :(

So I have posted several times about my newest journey with goats. I recently bought 2 goats 1 in milk and 1 yearling. The doe in milk is a 2008 model and has had quads twice and not sure about her 1st freshening. They got her from a reputable breeder to add milk lines into their herd. She looked good had a good record but they don't milk so no milk records. I started milking her 12 weeks pp away from quads. We are 2 weeks into it and I am seriously disappointed I am only getting 9-11 oz or 1-2 cups. It's like half of what I should be getting. We are using it as milk but with this rate I am not going to be making cheese anytime soon.

Moral of my story. Don't buy without milk records. Colors are great but if they don't produce then it's just another mouth to feed.
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