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Re: Help me plan meals with the little I have left...

I think to stretch items I would try to mix things more than do, for example, a whole dinner of pulled pork or beef. So, dinners, with no particular order but just to count.

For the pork and beef, I would probably make a large pot of either the pork or beef, a pound and a half of the pasta, 1/2 bag of broccoli, one can of diced tomatoes, and then spread out into casserole pans, top with shredded cheese since you have lot of that, and bake. You could probably get three casseroles off that which is three dinners. (Dinners 1, 2, 3)

I would also mix that shredded meat with scrambled eggs and some veggies mixed with some cheese and have breakfast for dinner a couple of nights. Topped with salsa this would be yummy. (Dinners, 4,5)

I am not sure how large your turkeys are, but definitely roast one, pull off all the meat, and then make stock with just the turkey carcass, no veggies, to flavor other boring meals.

Like a PP said, have oatmeal as many breakfasts as you possibly can.

One dinner and lunch can be a small amount of pulled turkey, a quarter cup of the diced celery, and a container of the greek yogurt subbing for mayo. Use the half loaf of bread for sandwiches. You would do okay for dinner for you guys and prob one for your DH's lunch with maybe something on the side like pasta salad-- (Dinner 6)

Pasta salad - I would do the other half bag of broccoli from the above, some BBQ sauce, lots of pasta, and some cheese shredded. Maybe a touch of the pulled meat (turkey?) but you could leave it out. (Side dishes for other dinners and lunches)

I would use the ground turkey and the kidney beans for tacos. You could use your taco seasoning and some salsa. Maybe a box of rice a roni to mix in and stretch it? You would use the tortillas probably for this. (Oops, missed this counting, Dinners 9,10 - 1 lb ground meat for each dinner)

One day I would do pasta with just sauce - made from diced tomatoes and your small can of sauce. Throw in whatever veggie you have available. (Dinner 7)

Bananas, cherries and grapes for snacks. Cheese cut into cubes for more snacks. That's a mix of carbs and protein so that's a good snack.

The stovetop I would mix with half the liquid they ask for, line the bottom of a casserole, layer with the corn, layer with some pulled turkey, and top with whatever cheese your family would eat and make a casserole for a night. (Dinner 8)

I think with the above you have a few boxes of pasta left. For DH's lunch, when there isn't leftovers, I would boil two boxes of pasta, coat it with a little oil so it doesn't stick. Saute half a cup of celery in some butter (do you have butter?), Sprinkle in a couple tsps flour, add two to three cups room temp milk, bring to a boil, stir in a couple cups of shredded pepper jack and cheddar since you have a lot of that, and stir until melted. Put in cooked pasta. Add diced smoked sausages. This is a fancier mac and cheese. It should make quite a bit, with two pounds of pasta.

If you are hitting the end, use the white and whole wheat flour to make a loaf of bread or some tortillas and have cheese sandwiches for lunch. It's not perfect, but it will fill you up.

Also, if you do have to buy something, buy some pinto beans, and made a huge pot of refried beans without the fat, and serve scrambled eggs and refried beans. This is very cheap and will make a lot.
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