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Re: How did you know you wanted 3?

I was one of three - oldest, with 2 younger brothers, and HATED it. So I've always said either 2 or 4, and 2 seemed so boring, so 4 it was. Within an hour of DS1's birth, I was ready to do it all over again. That feeling never went away, and we started ttc again when DS1 was 6/7mths. The boys are 30mths apart.

After DS2, I didn't have that urge again (and lol I realized why so many people stop at two!). He's 3.5 now and I still don't have the urge to have another one, but God had other ideas lol. I had always wanted a girl (much of that is to do with the fact I was never close to my mum), so I was always "maybe" on a third, with the knowledge that having #3 also means having #4.

Early this year we got to the point where I felt that we'd left it too late. We were leaving the baby stage, we could do more as a family, and DH kept saying he'd be happy to have a third if he could guarantee a girl. As much as I'd love a daughter, I am not okay with that, so we decided we were done with a capital D. I got a very surprise BFP (with low progesterone/LPD to boot) on St Patrick's Day. Probably a month after I had decided that I was okay with two, that we were done, and I had started to look into going back to school. I'm more excited now, but it took a LONG time for me to adjust--it really hit me hard. Still not sure on #4, but I was hoping for twins so I wouldn't have to think about it
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