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Originally Posted by Kindermama
We are leaving our family up to our hearts but on the surface, we have doubts. Our current baby is 6 months old and super super attached, as in, he doesn't sleep longer than 30 minutes unless he is latched on night and day. I'm scared to have another baby like him! We totally adore him to pieces but he really makes me doubt my ability to become a mother again. Backstory...he's a reversal baby! He kept coming to me in dreams for 3 years and finally DH dreamt about him. The next day, he scheduled his
reversal! I recently became saved....Dh is not though he considers himself a very progressive christian(as did I, until I realized my "progressive" beliefs brought me progressively to a life and person full of pain and strife). Our marriage needs God and I'm working on my end towards this and praying DH (super stubborn man he is) finds the real Christ through my example or otherwise.

Anyway, how do you remain open after a high needs baby (even if our marriage got better)?
I only have two children, but dd2 (3 months) is so different personality wise from dd1 (27 months). Dd1 is on the go all the time and slept like yours until she was about a year old. Dd2 is a great sleeper so far. They're different in other ways too so you can't know how all your children will be based off of your first. First children are hard imo because of learning how to be a parent. Second time around is a little easier because you've already been there before.
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