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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

Originally Posted by fishmom View Post
Every child that God chooses to place in your family, He has also chosen you to be his mother for a purpose. Not just for that child, but for you. To sanctify you according to His perfect will and plan. I really do think it comes down to faith.

Have you addressed possible physical issues for his "neediness"? I have heard of many families who discovered later it was a sensory issue or reflux or dairy sensitivity (to your diet if bfing or to formula).
That was a very touching and humbling response, thank you! It brought tears to my eyes. My first post was not as thoroughly written as it could have been because I was using my IPad. I had more to say but regardless, you definitely spoke to where I needed it most! We were prepared for special needs and would have welcomed him regardless. I guess I just question whether or not I'm fit to become a mother again after him. I feel like I've failed somehow. Every time I turn around, I hear of another baby who sleeps 6-7, sometimes 11, hours straight at his age. I have to lay down with him for all his naps and so I'm not present for my other kids and we had to hire a mother's helper. It's also frustrating to survive on little sleep. I have to constantly remind myself that God has provided for me so that I can cater to his high needs and just leave it at that! He loves his mama!

We have addressed his needs with his pediatrician and she thinks it probably was an issue with his super fast birth and my emotional state in his first month (I was pretty much in shock and it quickly escalated to PPD which has since gone away). Now we're just stuck in this "negative" sleep association...though DH thinks it's a wonderful association!
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