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Re: Nigerian Dwarf Goat beginner FAIL! :(

I don't know a thing about goats and I have been milking what I believe to be a toggenburg for over a month now! I have her bottlefed baby as well. I only milked her a bit before buying her, so I had no idea how much I would get. I get almost 1/2 gallon per day. That is only from one milking! So first of all, I'm guessing you have weaned the babies from the mom, since they are already 12 weeks old. I think that is a typical weaning age, my bottle fed baby was weaned right around that time. I don't even have a birthdate on her! Anyway, my best suggestion would be to milk her often to get her milk production up. I would basically go along with the same principles as trying to produce more breastmilk. I would definitely bump her bag and if you don't know how to tell if all the milk is out of her yet, then keep at it. My guess is that she is holding out from you. If all those babies were drinking from her, she had to have been producing more milk than that! Also, if you have never milked by hand before, it does take a while to get good at it. I probably had it down by two weeks in, but it sounds like you are milking a smaller goat, with smaller teats, so it might be a whole lot harder to milk. Good luck!
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