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Re: Help Prepping..

Do you have 72 hours kits yet? Like pp suggested you want a basic disaster kit- candles, lanterns, waterproof matches, first aid kit (if you buy a first aid kit I highly recommend going through it and getting additional stuff. Most prepackaged first aid kits don't have a lot of stuff. Crank and battery operated radio. Campfire cooking materials/utensils. Other hand tools you might need. Think of rustic camping and the things you would need as far as tools.

I believe the guidelines for water are 2 gallons per person per day- 1 for drinking and food the other gallon for cleaning, bathing, etc. Don't forget to get can manual can openers- canned food does you no good if you can't get into them.

The best advice I was given on food is- Consider the meals you already eat, find a way to replace any perishable items, then multiply by the number of days you want that meal. Calculate how many bread products you use in week and what you need to make those. So if your regular dinner meal plan looks like this:

Spaghetti (pasta, sauce or canned tomatoes)
Pulled Pork, with green beans & mac n cheese (canned pork, canned green beans, boxed macn cheese or elbow noodles with dehydrated cheese and reconstituted milk)
10 min Italian supper (can of zuc with tomatoes, kidney beans, green beans, wax beans)
Chili (canned chili beans, canned (or dry) kidney beans, canned tomatoes, seasonings)
Turkey and dressing with carrots and cranberry sauce (canned turkey, boxed stuffing homemade, canned carrots and cranberry sauce)

count the number of ingredients you need to those 5 days plus bread products. Then multiple by how many weeks you want to eat those things. We do our plan by 2 weeks so we have more variety. Most of our stuff is canned or dry. we do have some MREs but not many as only me and dh can eat them. DD has food allergies and we are to treat ds as if he does too until he is tested. We have yet to find a company that has dehydrated food that can guarantee there is not risk for cross contamination.
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