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Re: New to CDing

a couple of other types of diapers:

flats - big flat(usually cotton) squares of fabric ranging from 27x27in to 30x30in that you can fold in different ways and then pin or snappi on the baby

fitteds - non-water proof diapers, usually have aplix(velcro) or snaps and all the absorbent layers are sewn in. You have to put covers over them.

Soakers or doublers - pretty much the same as inserts.

Covers - A waterproof outer diaper that you put over flats, prefolds and fitteds. Can be made of PUL, wool or fleece. Fleece actually isn't waterproof, just water resistant. It has compression leaks, like if the baby is sitting. I actually don't know much about how waterproof wool is, but there are plenty of wool experts here!
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