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I love my bummi's super brite covers. They fit SO trimly, which is important for fitting well into clothing.
However, I'm not huge on prefolds. Poo leaks out the legs alll the time, and my boys squirm and kick during changes and I have a hard time getting them snappi'd on. I tried trifolding once, and it was a poo leaking nightmare.

I LOVE my super cheap newborn/infant Alva's! However, they're also pretty big at the legs.

My gmd workhorse fitteds do NOT absorb enough, but I otherwise like then. The boys may be less than 7 pounds, but they already eat about 25+ ounces of breast milk per day, so their output exceeds what the NB workhorses can handle right now. However, the size small workhorses have an extra flap of prefold fabric, so I look forward to using those.

It's hard CDing small babies, especially when they HATE having their diapers changed (and thus it takes a few minutes to do) and I'm unable to change them more often than every 2 hours (usually its every 3) so less absorbent diapers aren't an option... I can barely keep up with their feedings and 2-3 hour changes as it is. I'd love to change them more often, but it just isn't possible for me right now. :-(

I have so many good and absorbent diapers in small/OS that I can't wait to use!
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