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Re: The best 100% cotton, trim, size-adjustable absorbant insert (EVEN MORE action pi

Originally Posted by cajsmommy View Post
Yes, but they still come in a size 1 and size 2. Here is some info on them:

After seeing this post, I made some "capri like" inserts, with some flats and microfleece sewn onto a half length of them since my LO needs stay dry. They work awesome in covers. I love them and they are so absorbent, yet dry quickly and are customizable. I also like to use them folded into my momma made rita's rump pockets, only I lay them in, rather than stuff, to make it easier, and so I still have the stay dry effect with the microfleece. Works well this way too
that's so neat! I went and watched that video on the swaddlebee's website about the inserts, they do look a bit similar in design/function.
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