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Re: Nigerian Dwarf Goat beginner FAIL! :(

My hand
15-20 minutes
She is thin I can feel her backbone and her hips and pin bones stick out.
I feed her 2c. grain, free choice clover hay, minerals, baking soda , and pasture
I haven't wormed her yet...her fecal was clean 4 weeks ago and she's been her 2 weeks. So I plan on fecal testing her soon.
I message the udders but I did bump her udder in the back today and I got a second let down.
The move away from her home herd and 'losing her 4 + 1adopted kid' was very stressful for her. They weren't weaned so I just ripped them off her
I milk once a day in the evening between 6-7:30pm everyday.
Her teats do seem I hold them like a pencil and let the milk flow in then trap it with my pointer finger and thumb and squeeze it down with my middle finger. Her orface seems to be a good size since I do get some good squirts. I still have to catch her and pick her up and put her on stand. She won't get up on her own...idk even when I lure her with grain. And she is really put out with me after milking she jumps down quickly and runs off. But she is still aftER i catch her and start milking.
I am hoping after this next freshening she will be better. I am going to breed her to a really good milking stock and hope to keep a doeling.

Originally Posted by sahmofthree View Post
Also, what are you feeding her? How's her conditioning right now? Was she wormed after being moved to your place? Stress can cause a wormload to bloom, which can cause low milk supply. How's she eating for you? Is it possible she's withholding milk on you, have you tried massaging and bumping the udder lots when it seems the milking is almost done?
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