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Re: feeding schedule for 10-12 month old?

It sounds to me like 5+ bottles of 6-7 oz is a good starting point. At 11 months my kids all had probably 6+ bottles a day of 6-8 oz. I have a 22 month old who just started eating a few solids and he still is fed on demand.. probably 5-7 6-8 oz bottles per day of 30 cal/oz formula. Additionally even my child without feeding issues remained on formula until 2 yo.. DS1 was also 2, DS2 is still on pediasure (bottle) 3-4 X/day.. Older 2 weaned from bottles around 2 1/2-3 1/2 yo.. DC3 is still on a bottler for his formula at 3 1/2.. tried weaning but he isn't ready.. DC4 will be 2 in august and drinks all formula from a bottle.. sippy cups are used for juice/water for the little ones.

I believe in child led weaning from the bottle. Heck if my 5 yo DD is severely ill/dehydrated I let her drink her pedialyte from a bottle because its the only way she'll drink a significant amount (otherwise NO, my 5 yo is not on a bottle).
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