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Re: Oh crud, my poor daughter

I am very much a tom boy, always was. I really have never worn make-up (little bit of cover-up in high school and the rare nail polish). My mom, aunt, and sister do stuff with my girls. My 11 yr old is not super interested at the point, but she does like having her nails done. As far as make-up goes, I don't know. I don't know if she'll really be interested in it. A lot of the interest goes with the way the mom is, I think. The girls that I have known that cared a lot about make-up are the ones typically that have moms that wear it. My mom never really wore it, and my sister and I never really have, either. My aunt, on the other hand, I don't think will check the mail without make-up on, and both her girls wear it just about everyday.

And I am certainly not trying to start a debate on whether make-up is or is not okay. Just stating that the level of interest a young girl shows seems to be tied up quite a bit in what her mom does.
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