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Re: Help Prepping..

I'd like to add that disaster prep really depends on your specific location, what disasters you might face, and your families plan for an emergency (Leave or stay and where you will go if you leave).

Example: My disaster prep includes gas masks. Most people would think that was extreme. However I live 30 miles from a Army Chemical Depo that up till a few months ago was actively disposing of chemicals. So obviously in my situation, the threat of a chemical spill and emergency evacuation was REAL while they were active. I doubt most people would need them or want them. (They gave local residents senors, air purifiers, tarps, etc but I purchased gas masks as an additional precaution )

If a person lives in a hurricane zone, they might have plywood, screws, and a battery powered drill gun as their prep. They would need to cover windows and have supplies ready to leave the area. But would have time to pack.

If a person lives in a zone where wildfires are a threat, they might need to leave quickly and have clothing packed in their stuff. They might also buy extra garden hoses and sprinklers to place in the their yard and on their roof. (They might even consider a small stone wall that was built prior around their property as disaster prep.)

A person might want to consider an alternative heat source if they live in an area where a blizzard or ice storm taking out electricity for a long time could be a threat. A wood stove and firewood would be good disaster prep for them or even a generator and extra gas.

You might have different plans based on the types of emergency/disasters you face. I don't think what works for one family is always right for another.
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