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Re: reflux, enfamil AR, constipation

My DD is almost 11 month old, but had the same symptoms of relfux as your LO is having. It was so terrible that she would immediatley start crying when I put a bib on her and it would continue for a good hour after she ate. It was awful for all of us. We had a test done at the hospital that confirmed a pretty severe case of reflux. She has been on Sam's Club Sensitive formula pretty much since birth, but her constipation set in when she started prilosec to control the reflux. We tried different types of juice and some days it seemed to help, but mostly juice didn't cut it. The GI Specialist put her on lactulose which didn't help at all so our Pedi put her on Miralax which has worked wonders for her. Hopefully at her next GI appt we can get her off the prilosec and the miralax. Good luck!
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