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Re: Help me plan meals with the little I have left...

Thanks again ladies!

So, I did go to the store, I intended to get flour, milk, and eggs.

Instead, I actually went to two stores, two separate trips, spent $12 between the two trips and got a TON of stuff

I got 2 gallons of milk and a dozen eggs at Walgreens, spent $5 there. Then went to meijer and spent just $7

I am in the midwest and do garden myself but my garden is not doing well. I just picked one cherry tomato today, I have one banana pepper ripening, and one cuke growing on the vine. I can't wait till the stuff starts producing. We are in the middle of both a huge heat wave (like everyone else) and a drought, so my garden has taken a beating. Other folks are doing a bit better, but there's not much in the way of huge overage yet.

WIC-no way we qualify for wic, and we don't actually need it anyway. This is just a very temporary situation and it's as much a challenge to myself as it is a necessity. Basically, we paid a huge debt settlement this month and scrabbled together $2100 in the month of June, despite DH's paychecks being $100 to $250 short each week (due to holidays, company shut down for a day, and a payroll problem.) So it's not a chronic income problem...or even any income problem at all, just a situation that leaves us squeezing every last drop of blood out of every last penny for now.

But, with what I got, I will for sure be able to round out the rest of the week's menu.
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