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A little off topic, but I thought maybe here people would be more understanding

My DS turns 6 months tomorrow. We do BLW with our kids, and I do think he is almost ready to start solids. His tongue thrust reflex is almost gone, he can sit up for short periods of time unassisted and long periods of time assisted. He is also SUPER interested in food and occasionally screams at us if he sees us eating and tries to grab at our food if we hold him while eating (but then again, he grabs at anything around him ). But when I started my garden, I got it in my head that I wanted his first food to be something I grew myself. I can't really explain it, maybe it's just a combo of I'm not ready for him to be old enough to no longer be 100% dependent on only me for food (he may possibly be our last biological child, but saying I grew his first solids too would kind of be as extension of EBF him) and that I want the bragging rights to be able to say that I know, it's SO prideful, but really, how many people can say that? But, I don't think anything will be ready to be harvested for at least a month (peas will be first, I think). I feel bad denying him the food he actually does want for another month or more, but I am so reluctant to buy him an avocado or sweet potatoes or something. I guess I'm just wondering, did anyone else do anything so selfish? It would be totally different if he had no interest or wasn't meeting milestones. I know he doesn't *need* it, but I do feel that part of the reason my toddler has such a great palate and even great motor skills is because we did BLW. Someone make me feel better about either choice!!
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