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Re: Let's talk dishes

I have thought this over tons of times! We have silverware for 8, because that is how many pieces were in the super nice set we picked out for our Christmas gift 2 years ago. But we also have company over a LOT, so we have 18 big plates, 20 dessert plates, 9 bowls that match my set, plus 5 pretty colored ones (mine are white so they act as snack bowls or food if needed).. we are down on cups because we have broken a few in the past little while. We also have a set of Ikea plastic dishes for our kids and friends kids when they come over. I cook/bake as does my husband- he has a couple of dishes he makes that use a frying pan, a large pot, a medium pot, and a small pot, then I prepare a veggie with another pot needed... so we have way more cooking tools than most people (again serving dishes, prep dishes etc)... I have tried to down size the best, and might have a few more pieces I could part with... but they are part of a "set" so hard to break it up. I rarely leave dishes over night (only if I've had a big baking day and we've cooked a meal using more dishes because dishwasher is full--- I HATE to hand wash dishes)
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