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Re: A little off topic, but I thought maybe here people would be more understanding

Well realistically there will always be SOME things that you cannot grow at home. So do you think maybe visiting a farmer's market or buying organic would make that an easier choice? If he is "asking" he may need it more than you think he does? Each child is different. I had one child that was asking at 5 months and ate chopped food greedily. Another that probably would have BF only until he was 9 or 10 mos but I introduced solids at around 7-7.5mos because I was concerned about him learning a overactive gag reflex if I missed the "window" due to his tongue tie and oddly shaped palette. If you start with organic brown rice cereal made at home (you grind the rice and cook it with breastmilk) would that be a ok choice for you? I did that with my last one. I understand your motives. I did a complete 180 from my first child with my others. The first was formula and gerber jarred food. Before my milk dried up from my failed attempt to bf him I swore that any more children would be EBF. I stuck to my word and when it came time to do solid foods I couldn't imagine doing anything but making them wholesome good home made food. Good luck mama, it's a very personal thing and I "get" where you're coming from.
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