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I want to get serious about weaning

DD will be 1 in 2 weeks! My goal was to BF a year! She is on solid food and takes a sippy. The problem is she still nurses EVERY 1 1/2 to 2 hours. She wakes up most nights to nurse. (Usually between 3 and 5 am. ) If DH gets up and rocks her/changes diaper, she will go back to sleep in 5 minutes. IF I get up, she will nurse for 30 minutes to an hour. (yes! an hour! So I know it is comfort nursing) Since DH works and I'm a SAHM.... I usually get up at night during the week.

I can't seem to space out the nursing sessions. She will fuss at me "Ma ma ma ma " till I bf her. Food, sippy cups , playing with toys, going for a walk, watching Baby Einstein... nothing distracts her for very long and the "Ma ma ma ma ma" starts again. If I'm holding her, she will rip at my shirt,grab/pinch my breasts, or try to eat through my shirt if I don't feed her right away.

Obviously, she is not going to be weaned on her birthday. Even DH, who was "1 year only and not a day after", has said she is not ready to give it up. I have no idea how to gradually wean her and space out the feedings. (I cut my son off cold turkey at 6 months and that was horrible!)

We are not doing bottles anymore (She did poorly with all that we tried... gagging, choking, etc). I have several types of sippy cups. She drinks best from cheapo "take and toss" kind. She spills a lot with the soft spout sippy cups. (she chews it ) She also can drink from an open cup with help.

I really REALLY want to be done. She has a high palate so I'm sore all the time. (Nipple shields only made it worse because she wanted to chew them. ) She bites, rakes her teeth, or tries to roll, bounce, or other crazy acrobatics while latched on and that doesn't help when I'm already in pain.

Any advise on spacing things out during the day?
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