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Re: Help Prepping..

This is the first aid kit that I have. I added a few things to it, like a quick clot kit and israli bandage, mylar blankets (and duct tape, that way I can tape a few together for a tent or sleeping bags), water purifyer straw thing, flint thing... I know there was more but I'll have to go through my history to find out. Oh and aquaint yourself with your kit, which ever you buy. I have this awesome kit and then DH goes and slices his thumb open and is bleeding all over the place so I grab the 'good' kit out of the van, yeah, I couldn't find a darned thing and she was bleeding all over the place. I had to grab the poorly stocked one from the kitchen and make do since it was a race to stop the bleeding. (ok so it wasn't that bad, but it's been forever since I've had to put my EMT skills to use, so I was in full on EMT mode and needed to stop it 'now' like he was going to bleed to death )

I second it being based on where you live. When I lived in CA, I had a bag packed in the entry clost with clothes, granola bars (sippies if the kids were that young. Great thing about BF'ing is I didn't need formula and water for any babies I had), bottles of water etc. This was mainly my wildfire bugout bag. I had a giant tupperware tub in the garage with clothes, meds, med kit, foods that were shelf stable like powdered milk, peanutbutter, crackers, tuna and cracker kits that we bought at Sam's club, flashlights, blankets, flashlights, handcrank radio, the whole nine yards (it was mandatory for all childcare providers and I maintained it even after I shut down my childcare).

Here in Maine, we often go weeks without power in the winter during severe storms like ice storms and Nor'Easters. I have a bugout bag in the van along with my rocking first aid kit. But I have more stockpilled here in the house just because of the nature of things.

Inside I have sacks of white rice (because it keeps longer, it can keep for a year or two just in the regular sack and I haven't yet moved it to an airtight bucket with an O2 absorber which will keep it for like a decade). I have a few gallons of water, but water isn't much of an issue with us, we have a river running through the backside of our property and a lot of people have old fashioned hand dug wells and everyone shares (the house I grew up in had one of these and everyone on my street stopped to dip from our well during the icestorm of '98 when we were without power for 2 weeks). I have a gas stove and a 325 gallon tank that's always full. Lanterns and fuel, candles, flashlights, batteries, battery operated radios etc.

Other food stuff's I have in bulk are #25lbs of organic black beans (1/2 cup of dried beans equals a can, so it goes a LOOOONG way), cans of veggies and other beans, sacks of flour, large bags of baking soda (for a levening and cleaning), gallon jugs of vinegar for both cooking and cleaning, pastas and peanutbutter.

I still need: a generator (since I only have a furnace and no non electrical way of heating my home right now, this will only hook up to the furnace to save on the gas we'd need I can do without lights and running water), I'd also like to get a hand pump to put on my well, but they're expensive.

If you really want to prep for a year or more or a SHTF type of thing, this Mormon calculator is great. I'm not Mormon but you have to admire thier preparedness. Oh and I also find free e-books on Amazon (no kindle needed, just the program on your computer) and read up on disaster prep, how to do old fashioned things like making vinegar, curing meats, dough starter and that type of thing. I gather all that info and type up the basics in a way I'd understand quickly how to do something, print it off and put it in a 3 ring binder.
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