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New here, EP'er going on 9 months


I just joined and was so excited to see there is a pumping board, my son was in the NICU for a month and with driving back and forth to see him everyday (an hour and a half each way) not seeing him for the first two days for more then a few minutes at a time and a few other complications I am stuck pumping for him.

He turns 9 months in a few days and we are still going strong although my supply is having some issues, Im hoping to make it to a year and then cut back a bit as he is starting to get the hang of solids now (we are doing BLW).....How long did everyone here make it?

I had planned on extended breastfeeding but with husband works nights so when I pump during the day Jasper is usually melting down because mommy cant play with him, and it sounds selfish but I *HATE* pumping...with a passion....I feel guilty for wanting to cut back at a year but I dont know how much more I can take mentally.

Hoping my next baby goes more smoothly and we can BF.
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