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Re: any restrictions/rules for kids' clothing?

We're not big on character clothes, particularly newer characters. I don't mind "classic" cartoon characters that have been around for a long time though (like popeye) but in moderation.

No light-up shoes. No crazy-colored shoes. I like my kids shoes to match a majority of their clothing...and I've found that most of the shoes that are marketed towards kids in the way of characters/lights/insane colors fall apart and/or have poor quality anyway.

I always try to coordinate baby's shirt w/his diaper if he's not wearing longies or shorties, especially if we're going out anywhere. Not necessarily a rule...just how I am

DD is I prefer her dresses to be at least knee-length and if her skirts are shorter than that (which they usually are, because it seems impossible to find a non-mini skirt for a child her age ), they have to have panties/shorts built in underneath. She's been taught to sit like a lady, keep her legs crossed, not act crazy/hang upside down/do flips while wearing skirts...but she's 'nuff said

No holes/stains unless they're around the house. I'll occasionally let 6yo DS wear jeans with a SMALL hole in the knee, but nothing crazy.

I don't care so much about brand names, but DH won't let the kids wear anything from Old Navy because "everything says OLD NAVY really huge on it"...that said...they still wear Old Navy stuff without the logo/name, and for some reason they can wear other brand stuff with the name on it...he just hates Old Navy

My kids always wear no-show socks with sneakers, but that's just because I hate how socks look peeking out of shoes.
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