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My kids are only 4 and 2 so I'm sure my outlook will change when they get older but for dd:

-Must wear leggings under skirts and dresses
-No spaghetti straps
-No two piece bathing suits unless the top is a rash guard
-No extremely tight pants or low rise jeans
-No inappropriate writing, especially anything on the butt of pants

For ds:
-Must have a shirt on when outside of the house (he prefers to go shirtless around the house)
-Must wear a rash guard if he's in swim trunks outside

I take dd shopping with me so that avoids future conflicts over what outfits she wears. And ds is usually too laid back to care about what we are putting on him.

We allow merchandised clothing but usually the kids only ask for things with Star Wars or the Avengers on them. And since it's so hard to find Girly shirts of those two franchises, I happily oblige if dd manages to find some!
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