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Re: any restrictions/rules for kids' clothing?

Our biggest rule is modesty. I feel like a lot of little girls are overexposed these days. But you can't hardly blame them, that's what they have in the store. When I can't find little dresses and things that are acceptable, I make them for my girls. I also hate character stuff. As far as the to the knee rule, that's what we use for dresses already, both for the girls and for myself. It's also what I use for skirts...but I haven't been able to find skirts that are that long for the girls. I've made them some longer ones, but they both have a denim skirt (or maybe more than one?) that has shorts built in that come just above the knee. I wish they were touch longer, but I don't know where to find any like that, and my sewing machine is not a huge fan of denim. I'm considering getting rid of all the jeans for myself and the girls, because it seems like a lot of what you can find is tight, and I also think it's more ladylike to wear dresses but I haven't really decided yet. I'm also curious to know if some of you ladies out there can answer this...if you wear skirts/dresses all the time while out, do you wear pants at home? I love loungy pants for at home!
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