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DETAILS! S2 Ister UW lanolized, worn once overnight and relanolized. We prefer covers. So these are in PERFECT condition! $36 ppd.

NWT ML Otter cover: $46 ppd.

Size S peacoat shorties ($50 ppd) in VGUC. These can't mail out today bc they need to be washed. They are in VVVVGUC. The only thing keeping them from EUC is some minor wet zone felting. They are not faded as far as I can tell (they look slightly faded in the photo). They are beautiful. There are no snags or tears or broken strings that I can find. Doesn't mean it isn't POSSIBLE. I just don't see any in my look-over. I reserve the right to change my mind on these. They hold a lot of sentimental value to me.

Size ML Siren shorties in EUC. I cannot tell if these have some very very minor overall felting. There is no specific WET ZONE felting from wear. But it is possible that there is a minor overall felting bc they feel slightly thicker and less stretchy if that makes sense. This particular pair is also going to be washed today. ($59 ppd).

M Pirate shorties in VEUC. There was a time I thought these may have been slightly felted, but now that I've shaved them I think they were just pilly. If they ARE felted, it is the tiniest tiniest tiniest tiniest bit. These were worn with our Halloween costume and maybe one other time. $59 ppd.

NWT LS Siren and Capri shorties. Neither of these are for sale. Trade only for my ISO. I may be willing to trade anything I have listed for a trade...depending! (Again I reserve the right to change my mind and keep anything I have listed.)

I really really really want to clear this stuff out. I don't want to take a massive loss, but I am absolutely taking offers. No offer is too low to offend me. The worst I can do is say no. So please feel free to mmao. I'm not really interested in trades right now. I can't think of anything I need other than pp at this time. I would love love love to see this stuff move on to a new loving home as it is all in a "no longer fits us bin!" These listings are from another FSOT thread I had before, but it was getting too cluttered. All of the prices here are reduced from original.

I am not the best photographer, so some of these outfits are not done justice!

Disclaimers: I try to describe everything to the best of my ability but I am human. If you have any questions, post here and/or PM me!

These were purchased from RetroBaby on HC in an auction. They are size M/L and the colorway is Little Caddy. They are absolutely precious! I can't remember the base, but they are soft, sturdy, and low pilling (very toddler friendly)! Asking $50 ppd and in EUC.


H 21.5 in
R 16.5 in
I 9 in

These were purchased from Pitterpat. They were knit using Dear Husband's Serengheti Colorway on MMR with a super cute giraffe Tessa Ann Button on the cargo pocket. These are in EUC. No felting, snags or tears/stains. Asking $55 ppd. Included is a Gymboree T size 12-18 months. It is in VGUC. I don't see any stains/tears/flaws. Just minor wash wear. Longie measurements:

H 19
R 17.5
I 8

Stock photo:

Next up is a pair of MM Winter Pear longies. These are in absolutely EUC. Love love love these! Wish they would fit this fall. Asking $55 ppd. The crown is NOT for sale. Included is a Carter's fleece sweater size 12 months in VGUC. Again, no stains/tears/flaws. Just very minimal fleece pilling (typical). Longie measurements:

H 21-22 in
R 16.5 in
I 8 in

Next up is a custom knit for Sam last fall/winter. The colorway is Edward by DiscoBaby Knits on MMR, knit by Erin Kibbett. These are gorgeous! They are in VVVVEUC. Asking $55 ppd. Measurements:

H 22 in
R 16 in
I 7-8 in

These are TIG Aiden, and I'm sorry these are awful photos! I cannot remember the yarn base, but they are very soft and pill easily. They were knit by my sister when she first started knitting, so there are some dropped stitches/imperfections. But they are still very pretty. If these don't sell I will keep them for memory's sake! Asking $32 ppd. Reduced to $25 ppdMeasurements:

H 20-21 in
R 17 in
I 6-7 in

Brand new, custom knit shorties for Sam this summer. They fit him perfectly! I see another colorway that I actually like better though, so I'm trying to recoup exactly what I was OOP on these (and will still lose a bit due to pp fees and shipping) so that I can get this other colorway. The colorway is Retrobaby Quinn on Aran BFL (might have been bulky, but I'm pretty sure it's aran bfl) and was knit by Nita (Knita's Knitting). Measurements:

H 20 in
R 16.5
I 2.5 in

Asking $42 ppd for these.

M Little Trunks Shorties: unsure of the colorway name. They are a little pilly. Asking $35 ppd. Reduced to $32 ppd Included is a play condition Gymboree T size 3-6 mo. Measurements:

H 22 in
R 16.5 in
I 2 in

WOHM to DS1 (Oct 2009) and DS 2 (May 2011) and happy happy wife to DH! We are one happy family!

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