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Re: To all the CIOers

DS didn't sleep through the night until almost two. CIO would not have suited his temperament at all. He now sings himself to sleep LOL Something just clicked and he started sleeping. (Thank HEAVENS )

Originally Posted by chandni3 View Post
But it didn't really have to do with the discussion. It wasn't about whether one should do CIO or not or how it might be harmful, but was the OP saying sorry for judging other mothers. A random statement about how CIO made her children clingy seemed like the poster was judging the OP for the very thing the OP was sorry about judging others for.
So it didn't work for her. Several other people commented that it did not work for some of their kids. Why pick on her comment? She tried CIO, it made her kids clingy. The end. Where is the judgement you see?

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