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Originally Posted by ajjulian
We are always working on our house . Here's my current list:
Build and finish kitchen (I don't have one really)
Carpet or refinish wood floors downstairs
Rearrange bedrooms
Set up extra crib
Buy 2 crib mattresses
Split wood for yr
Order pellets for yr
Butcher and freeze 50+ meat chickens
Can can can
Root cellar shelves and get everything stored
Buy bulk flour, sugar, oats
Rearrange carseats
Find and send yarn to friend for scrappy set
Knitting projects
Sewing projects
Winter wardrobes for older smalls all set and ready
Get out/buy baby clothes
Pay mw
Set up tent for outdoor waterbirth
Craft fair (in Aug cuz I am crazy)
Buy birth kit
Birth certificate
Set up goats for winter
Prune apple trees?
Clean out house and donate donate donate

I am sure I will add more...
Well I did 40 bales of hay and drafted my pattern for my hammock swing
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