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Re: Naps for 2 y/os..

My kids are the same. Once my ODD hit 4 she finally stopped with the bad behaviour when she didn't nap, she truly does not need a nap these days but does need a quiet time for 20 minutes or so, just lying down. After that she can get up and read or play quietly but is not to disturb anybody. My 2yo is also just hitting the stage of not always napping and being cranky, or being hard to get down at night if she naps. It's a tricky stage for sure. I am finding it easier if I try to get her to nap a little earlier. I don't let her nap go past 3pm. And if it does then I expect her to stay up late. I think this is very normal for their age. My 4yo stopped napping gradually over a 1.5 year period, from 2.5-4 she just needed it less and less until eventually not at all. And some days she still naps if she is really really tired. We just go with the flow mostly. If they haven't napped I make sure they bath etc early, and then they eat dinner and pretty much go straight to bed around 7pm. The 4yo gets to stay up a little bit but if she starts being a brat she goes to bed.
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