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Re: Reassure Me! Interesting update...

We moved to my hometown which is out in the boonies. We are 7 miles down a country road and have one neighbor fairly close then the others are at least a mile away. We have 9 acres here.
BUT, the school system sucks. ODD started school in CA. here she was doing the smae stuff in 2nd grade that she did in K there. They've labeled her as gifted even though in CA she was average. Dh says if I want to homeschool to go ahead, i'm sooo conflicted ever it. I know DH would not appriciate the expense involved in it either. But everytime I try to work with them at home, they get so far ahead they get bored at school (which thankfully ODD has found reading a substitute for interrupting her class when she's done with her work. her entire 2nd grade year she lived under the teacher's desk so she couldn't disrupt the class. I wasn't too happy about that but the teacher said it curbed her 'behavior problems' even this year at a new school and 3rd grade her teacher mentioned her ADD a lot. She does not have ADD, she's bored.)

Next year they are supposed to put her in the gifted program, but from wht I've heard the program is a joke, (from our doc, who's husband is the calculus and physics prof at the highschool, thier daughter is one of our babysitters who was also in the gifted program).

I'm always torn between staying here with my mini farm and moving back to San Diego. I miss San Diego, but Dh says he's not moving again until the kids are out of the house unless there's no other choice.
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