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Re: Reassure Me! Interesting update...

What a beautiful house!
I think that is a common misconception about home schooled children being socially awkward. There are certainly some awkward children but just as many that aren't. I think the reason that some are is that their eccentricities have a bigger opportunity to flourish, without the peer pressure and conformity of a public school environment. Within my own family I have some children that could blend seamlessly into a crowd of public schoolers and some that would stand out.
I have never run across any home schoolers who think they are better than everyone else. Many that are glad they homeschool but not snobby about it.
In actuality, many adults who are unfamiliar with home schooled children are impressed upon meeting them. As a generalization and in my own experience, homeschooled children are friendly to adults, intellegent, and good-hearted. So some of them are not the most fashionable or have unique interests, how does negatively affect the adult people they will become?
Sorry for rambling! If I were in your shoes, I would do it in a heartbeat. It seems as if things were meant to be!
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