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Re: do you get alot of unwanted advice?

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
All the time. I still get unwanted advice and I am 36 with 3 kids. Recently I was told I should bring my stroller as it would be less of a hassle than my sling. My stroller is a pain in the butt to bring with us. My sling is so easy to use and takes up no space as I just leave it on.

I am breastfeeding and was told I should just extract milk to feed when out and about instead of stopping to feed baby. Never mind I told them my lo doesn't know what to do with a bottle.
i hate when that happens. crunchy mamas dont stand a chance! the sling is soooo much nicer but we had to buy a stroller so if people babysat or took owen places they wouldnt have to "break their back" with a sling... so they got a gigantic stroller instead. my mom got my an "udder cover" and i have to wrestle it to the ground with my kid to try and cover everything so i decided to give it a proper burial in the donate bin.. if someone sees my nipple to damn bad!
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