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Re: do you get alot of unwanted advice?

here's what i think: if you're getting a lot of advice, then you're somehow not projecting the vibe/feeling of confidence--of mama-bear, don't-mess-with-me security in your choices. either you're looking for approval from those around you (subconsciously, perhaps), or you feel a bit unsure of/nervous about your choices deep down.

i used to get pushy, repeated advice about things i was really quite sure of, but i was rather timid and shy in general--so i must have come off as unsure and weak to others. i've noticed that it doesn't matter as much about being young or not-as-much, having one child or plenty--it's about your persona--how you interact/relate with the world.

if they bother you, don't be shy about telling them (politely!) that you've got it handled. then change the subject, and don't waver
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