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Re: The one thing I hate about CDing...

Originally Posted by veganmamma
Is your insert hemp? Can you wrap the hemp insert in a microfiber towel? That is a great solution. MF absorbs quick and hemp holds longer, a great combo for overnight. I like an infant prefold with a hemp insert under stuffed in my pockets. That goes all night too.

I never have had one wicking issue with my 14 mo old, ever. He has been in CD since day one. I use pockets and I use pf or fitteds with covers.

You could also fold the micro fiber towel (the dollar tree one is a perfect size as is) upfront where he needs it to absorb most...

We use MF inserts (mostly Nurtured Family & Nicki's). I have 3 Joey Bunz but I don't think they are broken in enough to be making a difference yet, but we're getting there on those. I've never had a night time leak or wicking w/ 2 MF inserts, so we are fine there. I plan to use the Joey Bunz when we are out for longer than normal, or in the mornings, or at nap time.
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