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Re: Reassure Me! Interesting update...

Originally Posted by delicatefade View Post
I asked him the other day, because I wasn't quite sure what he was thinking either. He said that home schooled kids end up socially awkward and think they are better than everyone else. I asked him if he knew anyone like that (we know a few home school families) and he said he couldn't think of any, but he's heard people (at work mostly) talk about it before. He does think that a couple of the home schooled kids we know are socially awkward, but I chalk that up to their families. They've turned out just like their parents I told him as much, and he said he'd think on it. He really wishes he liked home schooling.
that's so not true. My bff homeschools her kids and so do all her sisters. They all belong to homeschooling groups and do TONS of trips and events together.
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