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WIP! (it's going to take me awhile)


-nip DVD Thomas train "Come Ride the Rails"
-Leapster 2 that isn't working (maybe you know how to fix)
-new copy The Peach Keeper
-Brand new copy of "Skinny B!tch Book of Vegan Swaps"
-New hardcover "The Biology of Belief"
-a couple of new, plain wood Maple Landmark wooden wands
-lots babylegs/legwarmers in all conditions. 35 pair can send pic ASAP
-3 Born Free sippy cups, no spouts, used for one week. (blue, yellow, pink)
-2 Pura stainless bottles/cups no spouts (silver and green) and one envirokids one no spouts. USED! Worth shipping only.
-wahm wood flower puzzle toy. Bought here for 20 and my kids never played with.
-possibly amber necklaces
-new Usborne going to school sticker book
-2 new wahm knit(?) caps "thing 1 and thing 2" super cute!
- new shoe I'd tag for kids
-local- 2 britax marathons
-I have a TON of stuff- show me your ISO. However, I do not have babies anymore and am not having more.

If you search for my old list I still have a lot of that- going to go through.


-warm women's black (or mainly black) scarf
-*Try me on anything Thomas the Train*
-Mario Wii games, try me on other Wii. Especially wii Mario party 9
-perfectly working Leapster 2 and the Thomas the train game for it
-Essential oils
-Gift cards (whole foods, trader joes, target, walmart, chipolte, starbucks, itunes, try me)
-Rain boots ( children's various sizes, women's 8 )
-Kid size OBV boy color blanket
-Wahm hand painted room letters for a 4 letter name
-Try me on local Portland, OR stuff
-Show me your list

Info: I have a cat, a dog, a fish and goats. Non smoking, no chemical household. I never "forget" to ship with dc. I am slow in communicating these days but I will I live in Oregon so please try to make your package somewhat waterproof

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