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Re: Diet changes to treat possible adhd?

I was myself. My mom did the Dr. Feingold diet for me. . The problem is usually more to do with additives and food coloring then sugar. I was a child so I can't say how well it helped (and my parents are no longer living so i can't ask). But it did help some and its healthy. Behavior training was also helpful. My parents reminded all the time to "slow down and take a breath before moving" to "think before acting"- not in the nasty way just a gentle reminder to take a minute and think. And when I got older I was given permission to daydream in class- last 10 mins of every class. You would not believe how much that helped me pay attention. If I caught myself slipping (I didn't always catch it) I could shake my head and say just ... minutes and I can slip away. I didn't really get good at that until 8th grade, but saved me in HS. I was never medicated.

As an adult I notice a definite difference in my behavior when I have had a lot of food coloring + sugar. Neither one on their own really do that much to me its something about the combination that gets me bouncing off the walls. Red food coloring being the absolute worse.

Anyway, diet can help a lot but making the child conscious of their actions and their and thoughts is really important.

Good Luck.
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