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Re: would love to see everyones farm/animals!!!

Megan LOOOOVE your little farm! I'm building ours up sloooowly, one because money can be tight at times (especially in winter. we grossly underestimated heating costs on this place, we were paying $700/month in propane last winter and kept the thrmostat at 65 day and 60 night which is super cold for me, I'm picky not too hot not too cold).

Anyway, once I get some land cleared, I first want to extend the gardens and eventually seriously increase the strawberry plants, hopefully have a u-pick in a few years. Then maybe section off a spot for a couple of goats. Even my milk allergic kids can actually tollerate goat milk and goat cheese.
Dh actually has plans to build a much bigger run for the chickens (he doesn't think the 15'x40' run is big enough for 4 chickens and a roo. Not going to disuade him though, because soon I'm going to go get some pullets from the local feed shop now that I've been a couple weeks without loosing a bird or will they peck at each other even though they'll be the same age?)

And if I ever win the lottery (I suppose I gotta actually play first) I'd like to buy the 100 acres across the street and have it cleared and seriously extend the gardens. Oh and get a tractor, there's no way I'm hand tilling 100 acres. (Right now I have to till with a garden claw and garden weasel, getting a small electric tiller in next week or so just to help keep the walking rows free of grass and weeds).
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