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Re: Diet changes to treat possible adhd?

Basically, if it's artificial, take it out -- flavors, colors, etc. Sugar is a big one for us, but not just any sugar. High fructose corn syrup (now also known as corn sugar) is the biggest issue. Natural sugars don't seem to be an issue for us, so we are picky on what type of jelly we buy, we use honey and 110% maple syrup on pancakes, etc. Things that I bake myself don't really seem to cause problems, either, but in those, the plain white sugar is the most processed/refined food.

There can be other foods that cause problems, but that is a good starting point. If you find it makes no difference, or it doesn't make as much of a difference as you were hoping, you can try taking out wheat, which is another fairly common food to cause behavior issues. My oldest has a wheat sensitivity that affects her behavior.

A lot of it, as pp mentioned, is also behavior training, and it takes a long time. Give your daughter organized ways to get out some energy, as well. If she's not in one yet, perhaps look into getting her into a dance or tumbling class, or some sport. It helps her run off energy and gives you a little bit of a break.
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