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Re: my son came home in someone elses underwear

ehh Im not overly worried Ill just take the others back and let them know they arent ours...

one time when he had an accident he came home in girls underwear one time but they asked us about it at pick up... I guess the wrong spare change of clothes got stuck in his cubby and he said they were his because he likes tinkerbell

they all wear uniforms so i mean theres not a lot of differences in their clothing

they know we are a bit quirky ( I let my son wear and like what he wants so tinkerbell and strawberry shortcake exist in our house, he has a kick *** vintage my little pony collection his cousin gave him, etc) so I guess they thought tinkerbell undies were not out of the possibilities in our house (and are right if he asked for them at the store and needed undies Id buy them)
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