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Re: My company might be merging

Well, my resume is all spruced up and at least I have connections. I don't plan on actively looking while pregnant (who would seriously hire me, you know?) but I already have my resume out there. I know of a few part time places that I can easily jump into. It just feels weird to think I won't have a career.

We are pretty secure with our funds, but could do better. My insurance is with my employer but I can switch to DH's (they wouldn't take me because my company covers more than they do). DS will be out of nursery school when he starts public school, so that's an extra 4k right there a year.

I've actually been looking for a new job for a while after we moved 3 years ago. It was just very hard to find a decent one in our state (the starting salary was under 30K for someone with a degree!) but I know I won't be overly picky when worse comes to worse.

Thanks for all the advice!
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