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Re: would love to see everyones farm/animals!!!

Originally Posted by chloecat View Post
thanks amanda!! we seriously love our woodstove!! we keep our house at almost 75 degrees all winter long and it only costs us electric to run the fan system
We have a propane furnace, ho****er heater, stove and fireplace, oh and radiant heat in the livingroom but that's off the furnace too, it sucks up a lot of juice!

We want to convert the propane fireplace to wood, but maybe next year. It makes me nervous though having no wood heat. The power likes to go out in the winters. One year we had an icestorm and was without power for 2 weeks (estimated was 4 weeks but the crews really came thru!) After the icestorm we had a cold snap and if it wasn't for the woodstove, we would have froze to death. As it was the stove was in the basement and all 5 of us huddled in my parents bed to sleep because it was too cold in our rooms, which was awkward, I was in highschool at the time.

I also want to convert our coat closet into a chimney system, that would take the chimney thru the play room (the central room) upstairs then thru the roof. Then I'd have a woodstove in the entry-ish room and upstairs as well. Still have yet to bring that idea up to DH because I don't think he'd go for it. Our layout is a little weird. It started off as a small 2 bedroom, 2 floor (plus walkout basement) home, then the previous owners added on this HUGE livingroom which then added 2 bedrooms upstairs.

*sigh* I wish I'd hurry up and win the lottery so I could do all the things I want to around here.
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