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Re: Better Gentle Discipline books for our style?

Have you read the Love and Logic series? I was a bit doubtful about them at first because typically that sort of thing just doesn't work with my kids (oldest is autistic and youngest is not diagnosed yet but most likely ODD/ADHD) and I had read Parenting Effectiveness Training which I thought was just an awful book that didn't help at all. I picked up Love and Logic solutions for Special Needs Children which is actually geared towards educators and it made sense, so I started picking up the other books. I own most of them now.
I understand that this one is supposed to be very helpful. I ordered it and just received it today. I am very anxious to read it. It is short and is supposed to just cover ideas of what to do. But I think it is a lot of talking to your kids.
I also picked this one up at Half Price Books this weekend and am excited to read it as well.
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