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mold spots?

Last night as I was putting away diapers I noticed a swaddlebees 2.0 diaper had black spots on the cotton part. It almost looked like black mold spots (but had been washed so just black staining). Could it be mold? What can I do? I can't find a lot of info from googling about cotton diaper and mold(seems more common on fleece) and I'm worried all my diapers that I washed with it will be moldy.

I remember the last time the diaper was worn, it was on Tuesday, it was a poopy diaper and my mom couldn't believe I was just going to toss it in the pail(he hasn't started solids yet). She cleaned it in the toilet then put it in a plastic grocery bag and put it in the pail. It was the first diaper after a wash so it was in the pail till Thursday (or maybe Friday). I'm in AZ so it is hot and dry so I'm surprised if it is mold, but don't know what else it could be. Does anyone know how I can tell if it is mold or what it could be?
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