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Re: July Chat Thread

Originally Posted by american_mommy View Post
I have been taking the nausea med since last week and I can tell a real difference but OMG am I exhausted. And I got a stomach virus this weekend so was so sick over that.
I feel like sleeping all day and I can't because I have 5 kids to take care of and my house is seriously suffering.
I need a housekeeper but can't afford one.
I just wish laundry and dishes didn't need done so much
Oh, I would love a housekeeper! Why can't the housework just do itself when we are pregnant?!

Originally Posted by TinaDeanette View Post
I'm having the hardest time getting my NT scan set up! The doc sent my referral to an u/s place that doesn't accept my insurance so instead of that office calling me or calling my doc and telling them that they just ignored it for 3 weeks! So they called me Friday and told me the news. So my doc sent a referral to another place that is closed on Friday! So when I called this morning they didn't have the referral yet. She told me to call back tomorrow or they would call me later if they get it. If the can't schedule me in on Tues or Wed morn I'm not going to be able to get it done. Which really pisses me off. Ugh!

Anyway, the Morning sickness is gone and if I get at least 10 hours of sleep at night I'm not so exhausted during the day. These round ligament pains are going to be the death of me though! I have to walk like a turtle in the morn!
How annoying on the NT. I would call the ultrasound place back today and be really polite, but pushy that you NEED to be scheduled in the next two days and why. Most places around here will squeeze you in.

Glad you're feeling better though. I have the round ligament issues too. No sudden movements!
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