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Re: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Help me potty train my DS

DS2 didn't train until about 2 weeks ago. He was a month over 3. While he knew he was wet/dirty, he didn't want to use the potty and didn't really care at all. After the horrible experience with DS1 where we tried to push it (I listended to everyone else that said he should be PT) I was not rushing/pushing anything.

We started at age 3 with some naked time around the house. He was doing great. If he was naked he went on the potty all on his own. He got a jelly bean. We still did diapers out and about. About 2 weeks ago we went to underware full time. I don't consider him fully PT since I usualy have to remind him and have him go try but that is more my issue since he seems to have a bladder the size of a gallon. LOL!!!

I am not one to train by taking them to the potty every 30 min. ect and having them sit. That is IMO a big waste of my time. and if i have to do that they are not ready.

Basically I say relax and don't push it. Try some naked time or try having him sit on the potty but don't force it cause it will/can backfire and make it 100times worse.
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