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Re: Can spanking cause mental illness

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
But in the search for those 'excuses' ( I prefer 'explanations'), some important things have been discovered. Its human nature to explore the causes and effects of things. Accepting things as 'just because' leads to stagnation. When we understand things more fully, we can change them, sometimes for the better. If someone hadn't been willing to explore the causes and effects of a variety of different occurrences and how they could be used, we all wouldn't be sitting here arguing with strangers over the internet on a computer.
This is a very broad statement and I agree with it in some circumstances; I see how this can easily lead into a debate of how we'd all still think the world is flat if it wasn't for our inquisitive nature.

My point was that we need to be careful of placing blame on another person for every bad thing that happens to us. It can lead to avoidance of responsibility and a focus on the negative aspects of life rather than the positive.
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